FEB 26 TO MAR 6   2016
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Mark Kempton and Bridget Whitehead are exhibiting together in Beach to Barrington at ASW from February   26 to March 6

Both artists draw inspiration for their practice from the built and natural environment.

For Kempton, the ‘close observation of seed pods and flowers in the bush, the carved and weathered surfaces of the beach; the awe-inspiring natural ‘sculptures’ formed by tree tops, and the man-made and expressive shapes like the ‘ the iconic Civic Park fountain’ in Newcastle, are endless subjects that inform his practice.

Kempton, a former Secondary School Art teacher, uses traditional mediums such as oil paint as well as vivid chalk pastel, Kempton describes the ‘ever changing atmospheres’ of the landscape from Newcastle to Mudgee. His latest works use mixed media.

Sculptor Bridget Whitehead is also inspired by the repeating patterns and textures observed in the built and natural environment. Her art is a natural progression from a childhood interest in rocks and beach combing, through a career as a geologist to working stone as a sculptor.

Whitehead works with natural stone and with stone like materials to make sculpture that is at home either indoors or outside. Limestone from Mount Gambier is a favourite material, with its subtle variations in texture and colour and the occasional fossil shell.

Whitehead’s observation of repetitive forms such as the arch of the roof support on the defunct Newcastle train station, to the whorl of shells from Newcastle beaches and unfurling leaves in the Barrington rainforest, have all influenced works shown in Beach to Barrington.

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