“There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthrough happens. Go against the rules or ignore the rules. That is what invention is about.”
Helen Frankenthaler.

ATHENA GROUP. Sue Stewart Pat Davidson Margaret McBride Jeanne Harrison
Varelle Hardy Janette Wilson Faye Collier Margot Dugan

Innovation, bending the rules, is the impetus for this exhibition because we have been working as a group for many years and are driven forward by the challenges of developing new ideas and forms.

In response to the restrictions of recent times, we have been more focused on learning from and working with each other. We started this process by experimenting, mostly on paper, finding different materials and techniques to manipulate, or developing new ways to use the tried and true.

Some, seeking new forms and directions, have focused on the collection or reinterpretation of experiments derived from play. Inspired by a myriad of techniques and materials they challenge conventional approaches. “We were told to be neat and stay in the margins. It is so liberating to be using scribble as a design element and just letting loose.”

Others, mindful of the environment and in touch with their inner ‘bin chicken’, have cut up old works or used found objects in 2D or 3D to deconstruct the rejected and through play to challenge and change their function and meaning.

Open Fri Sat Sun 11-5
57 Bull St, Cooks Hill