Natural Networks

Jill Stowell (Art Critic Newcastle Herald 23rd April 2016) reviews the current exhibition Natural Networks by Meredith Woolnough. ” Two new exhibitions suggest that Newcastle fibre artists are creating something unique. Or is it part of a universal trend to bring traditional female textile processes into an avant-gande gallery setting?

Newcastle has what is the still sole professional specialist textile gallery in Australia. Meredith Woolnough has exhibited at Timeless Textiles virtually since its inception, though she is now widely celebrated for her innovative labour-intensive image making with thread. Did she discover for herself that her sewing machine could be used to make lyrical linear structures? They increasingly contrast delicate tracery with dense sculptural patterning built up in countless layers of stitching.”


Her present exhibition at Timeless Textiles until May 15 is based on details from the world of nature. There are closely observed leaves of begonias, waterlilies and eucalypts, whose veined growth patterns are clearly defined. Corals also make ideal subjects, both as treelike forms and dense colonies. A new development translates the spiral of a tiny seaweedy marine creature into a vibrant freestanding sculpture. The pieces must have taken many weeks of concentrated stitching of meditative dedication.

Meredith Woolnough is now one of the Hunter’s most exhibited professional artist, with work in up to eight shows a year in the few years since she graduated from COFA.” Stowell’s concludes.

‘Natural Networks’ exhibition was opened by Dr Trevor Weeks,Senior Lecturer, School of Design Communication and IT (Design and Natural History Illustration) UoN last Thursday night. Thank you all who joined in celebrating Meredith’s show.

Natural Networks is open until 15 May 2016. If you are unable to visit the Gallery, you can view the exhibition here


Odyssey Within: Bobbi Oliver & Wilma SImmons

Odyssey Within will showcase Bobbi’s and Wilma’s current art works which are a result of the influences on their lives – the journeys they have taken. The different experiences of childhood, work, travel, cultures and places are acknowledged in these works, but the most significant journey taken has been the evolution and development of their individual art practice. This is a journey that they have in common and share with other artists.

Bobbie Oliver

That common journey is the joy that creating brings, the drive to achieve excellence in what they produce, and the attempt to interpret what is seen and felt inside and share it with others. In this exhibition, they both celebrate reaching the understanding and acceptance that their art journey is not about reaching a destination, but an adventurous odyssey where the fun and joy brought from each creation they make is from the heart.

Opening Night 6-8pm Thursday 19 May Show open between 18 May until 12 June 2016.

Revamped Felt / Nuno-Felt 2 day workshop with Sachiko Kotaka

Sachiko has been felting for 2 decades and as she has inspired by the Japanese ‘Boro’ concept, she has revamped many pieces of her works with her unique ways to create new pieces which are more tactile / complex. This class is for you- with Sachiko’s assistance- to give a new life to old felt or nuno-felt pieces you may have. You will have a lot of fun fulfilling the potential of a piece; or creating a new piece using your old pieces accumulated.

Dates: 9.30 – 4.30 pm 18/19 June 2016

Cost : $250

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery

Estimated material fee ($30) payable to the artists

Ines Seidel (Germany)

Crocheted Stories with Ines Seidel (Germany)

In this workshop we reshape old books or other used paper bits and the old stories that are connected to them. Through a combination with yarn we create intricate textures which tell completely new stories.

In the course of the workshop different methods by which to disintegrate and afterwards recreate paper surfaces are explored. We combine paper with thread through very basic hand-stitching and crocheting. The process invites experimentation, so it is hard to tell beforehand, what the outcomes will look like: They may take the shape of unusual jewellery, surprising book objects or tactile wall hangings.

This workshop is available to all ability levels. Some experience with crocheting would be an advantage.

Bring along paper (e.g. from books, diaries, letters etc.) that you want to transform plus various yarns – from sewing yarn to cotton thread to thick wool. Don’t forget a pair of scissors, a set of sewing needles and crochet hooks that work for thin and thick yarns. If you are interested in jewellery making you may want to bring along specific supplies such as locks (but you can make jewellery even without specific supplies!). Most of all bring curiosity!

Dates: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm 25/26/27 June 2016

Cost: $460 including a delicious morning tea and lunch

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery

Estimated material fee ($40) payable to the artist.

The Art of Metal Mesh-Working: Techniques and Process with Lanny Bergner (US)

During this two-day workshop fiber/sculptural basketry artist, Lanny Bergner will give a PowerPoint lecture documenting the step-by-step construction process of making four to five metal mesh sculptural works. He will also show selected images of past studio works and installation projects done over the span of his thirty year art career. Lanny will demonstrate his working techniques; this will include mesh connecting techniques, mesh forming into 3D shapes, torch burning/flame-painting on stainless steel mesh, wire edging with colored coated wire and he will demonstrate how he works with silicone and glass frit in combination with metal mesh. Students will make one biomorphic heat-treated stainless steel mesh basket and if time allows students can experiment making other small forms.

Dates: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm 23/24 July 2016

Cost: $260 including a delicious morning tea and lunch

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery

Estimated material fee ($40) payable to the artist

Lanny Bergner

The Stars to End Violence: Hunter weekly workshops

Congratulations to you all who have been busy making stars..we are now up to 6,500 stars.

Free workshops (10.30 am – 12.30pm) are available every Thursday at Timeless Textiles Gallery.