HAN is proud to be a supporter of Independent Galleries Newcastle again in 2019. HAN will also be returning to the IGN Art Fair at Newcastle Art Gallery on Friday 26 July 2019 5-8pm and Saturday 27 July 2019 10am-3pm and some of our HAN members are participating on the night, here’s a preview:

See Ya Sista (Diana Boyd and Lesley Woodley)

Sculptural works using recycled and found natural materials. Timber jewellery, leather handbags, jewellery and purses.









Trena Lowe

In 2010 I started on a creative journey that has driven me to become a printmaker. There is just something about the process of printmaking that has a firm hold on my creative path. Every step – from the preliminary drawings, to turning the press, to pulling back the felt to reveal the print. It is pure magic and is truly my passion.

I have been creative all my life. Trying my hand at Folk art, cottage craft, scrapbooking, card making and sewing. I even had my own Signwriting business. I have tried acrylic, enamel, oil and watercolour. Along with drawing with biro, markers, charcoal and ink. You could say I am ‘Multi-Skilled’ but it is printmaking that holds me captivated.

After receiving my Diploma of Visual Arts in 2012, I set up my own printmaking studio. The desire to keep experimenting with more printmaking methods was compelling. My prints are the results of experimentation and growth from observations and imagination.









Tania Weekes

Tania Weekes is a Newcastle artist who studied in Sydney. She works mainly with oils and sometimes acrylic. She also illustrates books and paints murals.

Tania has exhibited widely through NSW and has taught papier mache and creative classes.

Her main influences are abstract expressionism and symbolism.

Her work is often intuitive. Each painting takes her on a journey and develops a life of its own. Her aim is to connect with the viewer on a deep level by creating works of art that evoke feelings of joy and discovery, that uplift and give positive inspiration.

“Starting Out” Oil on canvas 45cm x 40cm
“Starting Out” Oil on canvas 45cm x 40cm









Robyn Lane

I lived with art all my young years. My father was a commercial artist working from home. Later taught silk screening & sing writing at Ultimo in Sydney 1950’s. He taught me a lot, I then had lessons with Landscape Artist Ronald Peters in Sydney 1970’s. I have painted with oil -acrylic -etc over the years.

Now in 2016 I have started painting on Kangaroo Leather on wood in 3D. Also Kangaroo skins hanging on drift wood & making leather bags.








About Independent Galleries Newcastle

The Newcastle Art initiative was founded in 2016 by Newcastle based artist and gallery owner, Ahn Wells in order to advocate, support and promote independent and artist-run galleries located in Newcastle, Australia. By creating this group, Wells aims to lift the profile of self-funded Newcastle galleries to the wider community in order to ensure the long-term sustainability of these important gallery spaces to art and artists in Newcastle and beyond.