impressionsbacktobackPlease join us at the opening of Impressions at Back to Back Galleries:  6-8pm Friday September 10.

In their seventh exhibition together ceramic artists Heather Campbell, Anne Gazzard, Grant Keene, Susan Myerson, Joan Robinson, Denise Spalding and Anne Too have once again produced an impressive collection of ceramic work covering a broad range of form, style and function.

Work ranges from pieces inspired by the colours of the Australian landscape, the rich terracottas of the Tuscan countryside, and the earthy images of African animals, to delicate porcelain sculptures, ceramic depictions of the female form, platters impressed with floral motifs and pieces inspired by the bright colours of storybooks.

When clay is fired the artist produces an object that carries his/her “impressions” – be it a sculptural form or a slash of colour, it was impressed by the potter onto the clay.

Back to Back Galleries, 57 Bull St, Cooks Hill
Exhibition runs from September 10 to September 26