Call to all Existing and Prospective HAN Members

If you are not currently a member of the Hunter Arts Network,
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Getting your own HAN Website Page

Get your own Page on the Hunter Arts Network Website!

Hunter Arts Network promotes our members online. If you are a Hunter Arts Network member you are entitled to an Artist page of your own on our Hunter Arts Network website!

To view our member’s pages on our website visit

If you are a current member and can’t find a listing for yourself please email your full name, biography, accolades, up to 6 images, contact details you would like displayed for example phone, email, website, Facebook page (not personal profile), Instagram, Etsy, Twitter, and any other relevant links and online stockists and stores which you sell through.

Send images in jpg, gif or png formats in the largest sizes you can transmit. All additional text should either be in the email as plain text or attached to an email as word documents.

Email everything to