Here’s some of the stallholders participating at the Newcastle Australia Day Market at Honeysuckle on Monday 26 January 2015:

Lisa Wiseman Textile art garments, including crochet headpieces

Ally Battye Wind Chimes made from a variety of materials mainly recycled items.

Donna McKinnis Handmade Felt – scarves, jewellery, cushions.

Gwynne Jones Drawings and small sculptures

Rainbow Glass Slump glassware – plates etc

Anna Baba Polish paperart &painting (Is a Polish Immigrant)

Design Collective Tea towels, T-Shirts, Wooden Jewellery, Painting

Eugenia Dunlevie Plein Air paintings

Margo Humphries Paint

John Kerklaan Woodwork – makes didjes

Fran Watchel Tin sculptures & corrugated iron sculptures

Max Grieve Wood work – Comes dressed as a pirate

Bronwyn Grieve Botanical Illustration

Rachel Bunney Hand woven items and ceramic sculptures

Chris Tavener Medowie Smocking

Fiona Anderson Ngati Fifi Skirts

Eleanor Anson Painting

Hunter Silver Art Jewellery

Newcastle Printmakers Workshop Prints

Pat Davidson Hand printed silk scarves

Anne Grenham Rustic homewares

Bruce and Marion Roxburgh Quilts

Anne Kempton Textile Project

Urban Hum Honey