two day weaving workshop…

Weaving has many social conventions, cultural associations, traditions, structures and historical uses that can be explored for contemporary designs. When linked with current ecological and sustainable concerns, these provide a rich resource for reference and a framework for developing new approaches to traditional loom weaving.

In this workshop, weaving traditions will be examined, adapted and explored for designs that suit the philosophy of reuse, recycle and renew. The workshop will introduce basic weaving structures and ways to adapt these to effectively construct contemporary designs. The workshop will include the basics for beginner weavers and be presented in a way that allows participants to create designs that convey ideas and concepts while woven interesting designs.

Liz’s practice as a weaver illustrates the approach of this workshop as several weave traditions underlie her current practice namely the rag rug tradition involving the reuse of fabric as weft; the tradition of woven bags and containers; the double cloth structure and weaving cloth specifically to wrap the body. The relationship between textiles, clothing and the body is central to her practice with recent research examining memories encapsulated in textiles, and the association between clothing, the body and environment.

Dates: Saturday / Sunday 16-17 August 2014

Venue: Newcastle Community Arts Centre, 246 Parry St, Hamilton East (free parking at the back of the building)

Cost $220 scrummy morning tea and lunch provided

Material fee $30 payable to artist

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