An exhibition by thought-provoking artist Liz Williamson, opening at Islington’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in July, seeks to explore the borders between art, craft and design, through an artistic investigation of the ancient art of weaving.

Reweave exhibition presents work representing various strands of inquiry into weaving conventions for contemporary interpretation. Making and weaving are central to the works, creating textiles that invite the viewer to consider where craft and design merge into art.

Including work woven as a response to research into repair and reuse of textiles, the exhibition explores ways of transforming the unused into the valued. The works seek to integrate memory, cloth and the body in a diverse mix of styles brought together by shape, structure, colour and an ongoing engagement with woven textiles.

This approach has recently been merged with the rug tradition where fabric has been reused as weft. It can also be seen in the tradition of woven bags and containers, in the use of a double cloth structure, and in weaving cloth to wrap the body. These practices, apparent in Reweave, place the relationship between textiles, clothing and the body at their centre, reflecting recent research examining memories encapsulated in textiles and the association between clothing and environment.

Liz Williamson’s work, accomplished and beautiful as it is, operates in a field of inquiry that is far more powerful and intriguing than an exquisite adornment of the body, or the inflections of innovative fabric-making, or the re-conceptualization of art mediated through textiles and design.The work strikes a chord with viewers, one that is both resonant and redolent of culture, memory, and individual identity.- Gary Sangster.

Reweave exhibition opens 6pm – 8pm 24 July and runs until 17 August 2014.

If you have always wanted to weave come and learn with Liz – August 16- 17 9.30am – 4.30 pm book in now