WED 24 JUN – SAT 11 JUL 2015

OFFICIAL OPENING: Saturday 27 June, 2-4pm

Paper is used everyday.  We write on it, print on it, read from it, wrap things up in it, flush it down the toilet even; it’s been around since ancient Egypt in the third millennium BC.  Yet, most of us take it for granted even though we are continually reminded of it’s precious and transient nature.

Artists are high consumers of this valuable commodity and manipulate it in such delicate and unusual ways to transform it into priceless pieces of artworks that really are worth much more than we realise.  This exhibition brings together a selection of artists who are using paper in ways that excite our senses and remind us not to take for granted this humble medium.

Artists include: Anne McLaughlin, Anne-Maree Hunter, Rieteka Geursen, Alison Pateman, Chris Byrnes, Laura Wilson.

the art of paper