Exhibition – October 22 – 7 Nov 2010

invitation1Works by Mark Aylward, Kathy Heinrich, Sue Stewart and Helen Stronach.

Sue presents small figurative gallery scenes, goes on a new adventure with painting and pursues elusive carbon trap glazes on her bowls.

Helen’s interest is in how things break down and are then transformed into something other. Her pots represent the female form moving through the earth, constantly changing.

The feel and connection to the timber is like letting light back into your soul. Mark is a maker of timber pieces in simple clean lines with just a little added detail.

Kathy’s knitting is complex – full of time, texture, vibrant colour and light.

Newcastle Studio Potters Inc & Back to Back Galleries is for ceramic artists, potters, clay workers, sculptors, art lovers and collectors.

Gallery Hours: Friday to Sunday, 11am to 5pm
Location: 57 Bull Street, Cooks Hill NSW 2300
Website: www.newcastlepotters.org.au