The Italian Eye Exhibition opens on 22 October from 6pm – 8pm and continues until 15 November 2015 & there’s also an assemblage workshop with Sylvia Watt 24-25 October 2015

A new exhibition by Brisbane-based fibre artist Sylvia Watt, opening at Newcastle’s Timeless Textiles Gallery in October, brings to life the colours and textures of Italy. Sylvia Watt returns to Newcastle for her third exhibition, The Italian Eye, which was inspired by a three-month sojourn in Italy.

Speaking of her exhibition Sylvia says she was first drawn to the colour and texture of the walls.

“What a feast for the eye! Colour, texture and form have always been central to my work and these elements draw me in. The body of work for this show comes from the walls, which speak to me.”

The walls became the backdrop in which the artist frames dogs and churches. Although not a dog person, Sylvia found herself following the dogs she saw in Italy – which were often solitary and wandering from place to place but always with a sense of purpose – trying to capture their expressive poses. “The cathedrals and churches provided a divine backdrop to my endeavours.” she adds.

Sylvia’s technique combined the random texture of the Italian walls, using ink and paint, and then overlaying the images that had drawn her eye. She then added stitch to anchor the work and to reinforce texture and line.

About Sylvia…

Sylvia has been a felt-maker for over twenty years, exploring surface textures, mixing up materials, while retaining the clarity and integrity of each material used, blending them while maintaining their individual identity. Exploring organic forms, using mostly fibres combined with paint and ink, has been at the heart of her work.

Assemblage workshop with Sylvia Watt

This two day workshop will be held with fibre artist Sylvia Watt. Taking a simple image (organic form or symbol etc) and using different techniques to reproduce that image, one piece will be produced out of a process of deconstruction and reconstruction of these images.  You will explore the basic principles of colour and design. Sylvia provides much encouragement and mentoring in assisting you in pushing your own boundaries of making art

Participants do not require any formal arts background – just a desire to explore and to have faith in the process.

Please bring found objects, vintage cloth, hand made felt, beads, felting wool & lace. No machines required.

Dates: 24-25 October 2015 (9.30 am – 4.30 pm)

Cost: $250 (GST inclusive) including a delicious morning tea and lunch

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery, 90 Hunter st Newcastle East

Material fee ($30) payable to the artist

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