Nicola Henley 2 day workshop – Looking at Colour & Printed repeats for functional fabrics with Nicola Henley

This two day workshop combines looking at colour and learning how to design repeated images on fabric.

This course will show you how to screen print on a chosen fabric, using your own creativity to compose successful repeatable images and how to mix colours that work well together. Using simple techniques you will be able to match these up to form a length of unique fabric for future use to make items such as tote bags, curtains, clothes, throws or hangings.

(PS the two previously advertised workshops have been combined and are now being offered as one)

Dates: 9.30 am – 4.30 pm 21-22 February 2015

Cost: $300 (GST inclusive) including a scrummy morning tea and lunch

Estimated material fee ($40) payable to the artist

Finding Fibres – Exploring basket making and textile art with natural materials with Tim Johnson

Exploring our immediate environment can often provide us with a numerous materials and a wide variety of creative possibilities – during this workshop participants will gain the confidence to make work wherever they are with whatever they find available.

We will start this three day workshop exploring and gathering materials and inspiration in a local forest and beach area. The creative potential of the materials we find will then lead us on to a variety of traditional and contemporary techniques including twining, freecoiling and braiding that we will use to create baskets and woven wall pieces in the workshop space.

Please bring along any basketmaking tools you usually use including:

a knife, a large needle, secateurs, scissors, a few clothes pegs, a water mister and an old towel or cloth to keep work damp.

Alongside natural materials we will also incorporate recycled binding materials like fabric, yarn, cordage and wire to create colour contrasts and increase our palette of possibilities – please bring these along with you.

Tim Johnson is an artist and basketmaker based in the UK, he has travelled extensively taking part in numerous residencies, sculpture projects and exhibitions around the world and thrives on the creative possibilities that new natural environments present. Tim trained as a Fine Artist and has developed his unique approach combining sculpture, installation, costume and traditional basketmaking over twenty years of creative practice. Tim is an experienced tutor and has recently been awarded the prestigious Marsh Award for Excellence in Gallery Education and has also won several awards for his baskets in Spain and Poland.

Dates: 18-20 April 2015 (9.30 am – 4.30 pm)

Cost: $460 (GST inclusive) including a scrummy morning tea and lunch

Venue: Timeless Textiles Gallery

Estimated material fee ($50) payable to the artist