The Annual General meeting is on Tuesday 24th of April at the Carrington Bowling Club, at 1 Cowper Street Carrington. Time is for 6.30.

It’s important that as many HAN members as possible attend as we the committee need your feedback and help. One of our Committee Members can no longer continue as Membership Officer so we need someone to volunteer and take on that position. Currently the Treasurer is also Membership Officer and it is a huge undertaking to have both roles…… We also need extra committee members to take on jobs as they arise. We particularly need someone to be the social media guru!

We will present the current state of finances and what the plans are for the future. It has certainly been a huge increase in workload taking on 3 extra Art Bazaars, and we will need to think how we structure HAN for the future.

This will also be an information evening for the Winter And Spring Art Bazaar, so we really hope to see you there.