A group of exhibiting artists with loads of experience who met while completing the Fine Arts Diploma at TAFE will be exhibiting at Summer Art Bazaar. They are committed to making art affordable & produce prints from $10. Their original art includes painting, mixed media, traditional printmaking & photography with nothing over $200.

Here’s the current students who will be participating:
Ben Perrett http://benjaminperrett.blogspot.com.au/
Ashlee Bucholtz http://atriumbound.blogspot.com.au/

Christine Bushell http://christinebushell.blogspot.com.au/
Elly Lam http://ellylam1.blogspot.com.au/
Kelly Barlin http://kellybarlin.blogspot.com.au/
Thomas Hadland http://radddaz.deviantart.com/
Viola Mossad
Tara Keher

Participating alumni:
Jane Robinson http://www.eleanorjanerobinson.com/

Participating staff:
James Murphy http://far-be-it-from-me.blogspot.com.au/
Clare Weeks